About Buzz ER

Buzz-ER is an innovation driven, online software developer for employers. Our intuitive software is designed to improve the management of human resources, industrial relations and workplace safety issues.

Buzz-ER provides elegant online systems-based solutions designed specifically to assist employers to manage industrial relations and workplace safety issues. Unlike other software providers or ‘hr solutions’ which are limited to information storage, template documents and manual flowcharts or guides, Buzz-ER provides completely dynamic workflow systems that are continually updated according to the ever-changing workplace laws to reduce your risk of expensive employee claims, prosecutions, and fines for breaching workplace laws.

Buzz-ER solutions are comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use. Our products are adaptable to businesses of any size and can assist with your day to day issues, up to complex business management and reporting systems. Access all your Buzz-ER systems through a single log-in via your organisation’s customised web portal and control your workflow by allocating roles and permissions to users based on your organisation structure.

All Buzz-ER products come with unlimited technical support from our central helpdesk located in Australia, and are backed up by a team of experienced and qualified subject-matter experts in industrial relations and workplace safety from EMA Consulting and approved licensees of Buzz-ER. Buzz-ER products are also comprehensively supported by a range of innovative training programs, depending on the needs of your business.




  • Visibility to relevant reporting line managers and HR
  • Letters generated directly on the organisational letterheads and administration of those documents managed by the system
  • Content management and legislative compliance managed by expert external organisation with updates directly to the organisations administrator
  • External advice available at the push of a button
  • Record critical information about the incident, from basic to detailed (classification, agency, location, nature)
  • Guided worker consultation process based upon legislative requirements and best practice standards
  • Gather evidence and information by uploading photographs, risk assessments, documents and other records in the investigation portal

EMA Consulting

EMA Consulting was established in 1997 and provides contemporary IR and WHS solutions for employers across all States and Territories of Australia. EMA Consulting acts exclusively for employers in respect to their needs and obligations arising from Industrial Relations, Work Health and Safety and associated laws. Clients of EMA Consulting vary from small sole traders and partnerships through to some of Australia’s largest employers and employer associations in both the public and private sectors.

All Buzz-ER products are supported by EMA Consulting and other approved licensees of Buzz-ER. EMA Consulting also provides all technical helpdesk support and administers the additional features of Buzz-ER ‘Plus’ subscription products, including Client Administration (user set up and configuration) and training.