EMSpro is a ‘cloud-based’ system for managing workplace investigations, unsatisfactory performance and misconduct. EMSpro provides all the relevant documentation and workflow to intuitively guide managers through the process. EMSpro has been developed to provide a consistent process across the employer’s business and is designed to manage the risks associated with unfair dismissal, unlawful termination, general protection claims, discrimination, stress and workplace bullying claims. The intuitive design of EMSpro allows users to access and easily interact with their team on any internet enabled device or computer and notify decision makers about critical events in real-time.


WHIMSpro is a comprehensive ‘cloud-based’ system for managing hazards and incidents that happen at work. Unlike other safety software, WHIMSpro assists users to meet their legislative obligations under work health and safety legislation from every jurisdiction in Australia. The intuitive design of WHIMSpro allows users to report hazards and incidents on any internet enabled computer or handheld device, generate reports, and notify decision makers about critical events in real-time.