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Best practice safety reporting.

WHIMSpro is a comprehensive, cloud-based system that allows users to report and manage hazards and incidents, generate reports, and notify decision-makers about critical events in real-time.

Unlike other safety software that focuses on Australian and International Standards compliance, WHIMSpro, in addition to Standards compliance, assists users to meet their legislative obligations under work health and safety legislation from every jurisdiction in Australia. The intuitive design of WHIMSpro allows users to easily access the system on any internet enabled computer or handheld device.

WHIMSpro includes comprehensive root cause analysis tools and corrective action management.

The subscription includes customisation, admin/tech support and WHS support.


Comprehensive incident and hazard reporting

Upload related documentation and photos

Record critical information about the incident, from basic to detailed (classification, agency, location, nature)

Complete risk assessments, and select appropriate mitigation (based on the hierarchy of control measures)

Supports immediate notification to work health and safety regulators in each jurisdiction, and record any correspondence or regulatory action

Guided worker consultation process based upon legislative requirements and best practice standards

Initiate internal or external investigations, with customisable instructions for an investigator (or multiple investigators)

Gather evidence and information by uploading photographs, risk assessments, documents and other records in the investigation portal

Gather information from witnesses using template letters and statements

Comprehensive, user friendly root cause analysis

Automatically generate investigation reports

Incorporates legislative requirements from all Australian jurisdictions:

Model Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations (South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, and Commonwealth)

Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations 2004 (Victoria)

Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations 1984 (Western Australia)

Record and manage processes consistent with industry benchmarks:

AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines

AS 1885.1-1990 Workplace injury and disease recording standard

HB 327:2010 Communicating and consulting about risk

Type of Occurrence Classification System, Third Edition Revision 1 (TOOCS 3.1)

Australasian College for Emergency Medicine’s Guidelines on the Implementation of the Australasian Triage Scale in Emergency Department (Injury Status)